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Q1. Could you explain what a tankless water heater is ?
Q2. How does a tankless water heater heat water instantly ?
Q3. What would be the advantages of using a tankless system ?
Q4. How much money would I save?
Q5. Is it true tankless can  provide an endless supply of hot water ?
Q6. Are there other reasons to install a tankless water heater ?
Q7. Will I still get the same temperatures for my shower that I am used to ?
Q8. Will one tankless  heater service my  whole house?
Q9. What if I have  hard  water in my home?
Q10. Are there limitations for  tankless water heaters ?
Q11. How would i size a tankless water heater to make sure it will work properly?
Q12. If  I had to fill a hot tub, would a tankless work ?
Q13.How long have tankless water heaters been around, and is this a new thing?

A.1 For the most part Canadians use a holding tank  heater to provide hot water in their home. Storage tank water heaters keeps water hot 24/7. While a tankless does not store the hot water. Tankless only heat the (water) you need .

A2. Tankless water heaters work much different than conventual storage type water heaters.
For example, when you turn your tap on this tell the heater to turn on. The gas burner will come on and instantaneously heat the water you need. The time it takes to get hot water is related to the distance the hot water has to travel from the water heater to where hot water is needed.

A3.Since a tankless water heater comes on when you open a (hot water) tap and turns off when you close the faucet, the energy that is used is only for the hot water that is needed. Because there is no storage tank of water, and no constant heating and reheating of stored water, youíre not losing energy heating water when you donít need it, These energy savings translates to dollar savings for you and reduced impact on our environment. Since a tankless water heater heats the water as you use it, you can have an endless supply of hot water, Of course this will depend on properly sizing the water heater.

A4. Depending on the model tankless water heater you buy, and the size tank you have now, and if it runs on gas or electricity, you could save from 6% to 70% off your water heating bill. How ? Most homes use hot water for a total around one hour per day, although they usually keep 40 or 50 gallons some times even more within a 24 hour a day. Having a hot water system that eliminates the storage and heats water only as you use it can greatly reduce your energy usage.

A5.  Because storage tank heaters store larger amounts of water, when that water in the tank is used up your shower goes cold and you have to wait for the heater to heat the water back up recover time. Since a tankless water heater heats up the water as it passes through the heater, you will never run out of hot water, That is if you size your flow rate properly.

The advantages of having a tankless water heater in your home is many. A side from the money savings, endless hot water systems smaller impact on the environment, a tankless water heater:
Tankless are very small and take up less floor space than the storage type heaters.
The design of the tankless has replaceable parts, such as copper aluminum and stainless steel. With proper maintenance and care this water heater could last a lifetime.
They are totally recyclable so when the system has finished its life cycle it does not have to become landfill.
They Will not develop a corrosive leak like a storage tank water heater, saving you from expensive water damage in your home.
although A tankless water heater can leak if it is exposed to freezing temperatures or has a manufacturing defect.
These units will keep its efficiency throughout the lifetime of the unit. Storage tank water heaters decrease in efficiency due to mineral build-up inside the holding tank. This is because a storage tank water heater store hot water, giving those minerals a chance to settle out and bake from the heat onto the wall of the tanks.

A7. If you buy the right( tankless heater) for you needs you will never run out of hot water. Tankless water heaters function at a variety of temperatures that you can choose, and they can produce hot water at the same flow rate as your standard shower provides now..

A8. . You must choose the proper model to suit your homeís hot water needs, which is based upon the maximum flow of hot water you need at any one time  If you do this the answer is yes We sell (tankless water heaters) that are capable of handling one shower at a time and others that can sustain a maximum of two or trhee showers operating at the same time.

 A9. Since tankless water heaters do not store hot water, minerals have less of an opportunity to settle out of the water column and build up inside the heat exchanger. Additionally, the flow of hot water through the coiled heat exchanger flushes the product each time hot water is used. The use of a water softener is fine with a tankless water heater, and is recommended if you commonly experience hard water problems in your home.

A10. Because this type of water heater heats the water as you use it, the volume of hot water that it can deliver is directly correlated to the amount of its gas input. The bigger the burners  in the unit, the larger the volume of hot water  it  will deliver. Now a days tankless water heaters come in many sizes to suit most homes needs. Even if you need to operate more than one  showers at a time, the tankless water heater can keep up the demand for hot water.

A11. You need to choose the model that can deliver the total  volume of hot water to meet your family needs. The best method for sizing these type of water heaters is to know how many showers each model can run simultaneously. We have models that can run either one or two showers at a time. And remember, a (tankless water heater) can deliver endless hot water, shower after shower. Call our office, we would be happy to help you identify the proper model required for your home.

A12.Since tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of   water, you can fill a tub of any size. It is only a question of time, meaning that our larger units can fill a tub faster than smaller units. Please keep in mind that some tubs require water at higher  flow rates, so it may be necessary to limit the flow so that the tankless water heater can adequately heat the water that is being called for.

A13.Absolutely not. In  Europe, where the cost of energy is more expensive than here in Canada, they have been using (tankless) water heaters for more than75 years. Bosch Water Heating has been selling and supporting tankless water heaters in the North America since 1979. However, most  are just   learning of this amazing technology and its energy benefits.


Tankless (heaters) are the Most energy efficient water heaters on the market.

Tankless water heaters are designed and built to last 20 years

Small, light weight and hangs on the wall

Tankless heaters Store only cold water, reducing the risk of bacteria growth.

Supplies all major hot water demands for up to three major usages at a time . Often called instantaneous heaters. You may have also of heard of them as (on demand heaters). Toronto and GTA.   Water.


How do Tankless Water Heaters work?

Selecting a Tankless Water Heater for your home

Install of tankless water heaters is quite similar to old tank type of heater. Water, gas,  connections are almost the same as tank type water heaters. Physically, the units heaters are usually hung on the wall.

For direct point of usage units, they are often installed under kitchen sinks, in work closets, or in other locations where they can be easily accessed.


Get rid of the old water tank and save up to twenty percent off your water bill. That savings comes from eliminating the standby losses energy lost from warmed water continuously sitting in a tank. And, since water heating accounts for about 15 percent of the average Canadian energy budget, this can be a significant loss.

Tankless water heaters provide hot water at a preset temperature when needed without storage, thereby reducing or eliminating standby losses. Tankless water heaters can be used for supplementary heat, such as a booster to a solar hot water system, or to meet all hot water needs.

Tankless gas water heaters have a, gas, or propane heating device that is activated by the flow of the water. Once started, the water heater provides a steady supply of hot water. The maximum flow rate at a desired temperature will be determined by the capacity of the tankless  heater you choose. Gas tankless water heaters usually have larger capacities than the electric tankless water heaters.

Large units made for whole house water heating are located centrally in the home while, in point-of-use applications, the water heater usually sits in a utility closet or under a kitchen or bathroom sink.  More on tankless units.

Tankless water heaters are rated by the maximum flow rate at which a desired temperature rise is met. Special features may allow the user to set the water delivery temperature. Efficiency is higher than an equivalent tank type water heater because standby losses are virtually eliminated. Electric tankless water heaters require a relatively high electric power draw because water must be heated quickly to the desired temperature. Residential gas models are available that can heat more than five gallons per minute by 60įF, generally more than enough for two showers to be run simultaneously. Whole house electric water units typically have a capacity closer to three gallons per minute. In Toronto Oakville Mississauga Etobicoke tankless water heaters installed.
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